VI Experimental Software Engineering Latin American Workshop

ESELAW 2009 is a forum for researchers and practitioners to report on and discuss new research results in Experimental Software Engineering, bringing together Latin America´s academic, industrial and commercial communities. The workshop encourages the exchange of ideas to understand the strengths and weaknesses of software engineering technologies, focusing on the process, design and structure of empirical studies, as well as on results from specific studies.

Since the 2007 edition we join efforts with the QualiPSso Project, a unique alliance of European, Brazilian and Chinese industry players, governments and academics to help industries and governments fuel innovation and competitiveness with Open Source software. QualiPSo is the largest ever Open Source initiative funded by the European Commission, under EU´s sixth framework program (FP6), as part of the Information Society Technologies (IST) initiative.

In this perspective, this edition of ESELAW also emphasizes three perspectives: Open Source, Agile Methods and Experimental Software Engineering. Contributions will be peer reviewed, and authors of accepted papers will also be asked to prepare a poster for exposition along the event.

The workshop will also include invited tutorials and short courses by leading researchers in the field, technical sessions with paper presentations; a panel; and a tool session that will run along the event, in the form of standard poster presentations.


  • Empirical studies of software processes and products
  • Evaluation and comparison of techniques and models (cost estimation, analysis and design methods, testing)
  • Reports on benefits derived from using specific technologies
  • Development of predictive models
  • Experiences with research methods: measurement theory, experimentaldesign, qualitative modeling, analysis approaches, grounded theory, protocol studies, families of experiments
  • Development, derivation and/or comparison of organizational models of software development
  • Industrial experience in process improvement
  • Quality measurement
  • Process modeling and applications in industry
  • Experience management
  • Systematic reviews and evidence-based software engineering



Invited Speaker: Carolyn Seaman

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Department of Information Systems


Short Biography:

Dr. Seaman is an Associate Professor at UMBC in Baltimore and a Scientist at the Fraunhofer Center, Maryland. Her research emphasizes software measurement, maintenance, communication, and qualitative research methods.

She holds degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Maryland, Georgia Tech, and the College of Wooster (Ohio).

She has worked in the software industry as a software engineer and consultant, and has conducted most of her research in industrial and governmental settings.



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