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To deal with the increasing complexity of software systems and uncertainty of their environments, software engineers have turned to self-adaptivity. Self-adaptive systems are capable of adjusting their behavior in response to their perception of the environment and the system itself in a predictable manner. In this context, the fact that human administrators get more and more overstrained by management tasks has led to the idea of systems that manage themselves, i.e., self-managing systems.

Since nowadays society is highly depent on adaptive and self-managing systems, these systems should be dependable. In order to support dependability requirements, they attempt to “heal” themselves in the sense of recovering from faults and regaining normative performance levels autonomously, specially, in life-critical or safety-critical systems.

To this end, this workshop will provide researchers and practitioners with a forum to exchange ideas and experiences, analyze research & development issues, discuss promising solutions, and propose new directions in the field of dependability applied to adaptive and self-managing systems.

Delano M. Beder
email: delano at dc dot ufscar dot br


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Opening Talk

My first ten years with self-adaptive software

Prof. Dr. Luciano Baresi
Polictecnico di Milano, Italy

Camera-ready:  February 25th, 2013

The papers accepted and presented at the workshop will be published by SBC - Brazilian Computer Society Press.