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With exception handling increasingly becoming a pervasive issue on contemporary real-life projects, it is no longer acceptable to consider exception handling only as an implementation matter. Software developers have being faced a number of software engineering challenges towards the effective specification, design, testing, and evolution of exception handling strategies in existing software projects.

Moreover,  advances  in  new  technologies  such  as  components,  web services, product  line architectures, mobile  computing and multicore architectures have allowed the recent development of a wide variety of applications.   However, in  order  to these  new applications  become feasible in different sectors of the contemporary society, they should be   prepared   to   handle   an  increasing   number   of   erroneous conditions. Such systems should  adhere to strict requirements related to fault  tolerance, integrity and availability.   Thus, the exception handling  is a  key  issue  in the  development  of such  contemporary software systems.

In this context, the First Workshop on Exception Handling in Contemporary Software Systems (EHCoS) is an initiative to put together researchers, developers and system users to discuss problems and demands of contemporary exception handling.



The EHCos proceedings is available !!

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Invited Speaker

Prof. Christophe Dony
LIRM - Montpelier-II University

The papers accepted and presented at the workshop will be published by IEEE Computer Society Press.

The best papers will be published at CLEIei (Centro Latinoamericano de Estudions en Informatica) Electronic Journal.