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Workshop: October 25th, 2011

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Deadline for submission: August 26th, 2011
Author notification: September 14th, 2011
Submission of final version: September 25th, 2011


The Social Web represents a new paradigm in which the Web is no longer an environment that linked pages and documents to become an environment that connects people, organizations and concepts. This new paradigm has contributed to trigger changes in how people interact with technology and are affected by it. In this context, the Social Web plays a central role by enabling people to interact in different ways and unprecedented scales through different applications, in different platforms and devices.

The transformations caused by the popularization of web access are perceived explicitly on issues like identity, privacy, security, accessibility, reputation, property, laws and regulations, ownership etc, explicitly reflecting the impact of information and communication technology (ICTs) in society, considering organizational and cultural factors. Thus, the third edition of the Workshop on Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction for the Social Web (WAIHCWS) aims to provide a space for discussion about "the social to the technical and technical to the social: organizational and cultural factors in the Social Web".

The theme refers to the reflection on the influences that social systems suffer from cultural issues and demands of each specific area (entertainment, educational, governmental, etc.) and how the systems are re-signified by the subjects and their meanings are constructed and negotiated socially (the social to the technical). It also refers to the reverse path that includes the impact that these systems cause in the groups that use them (the technical to the social).

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